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November 2018 Hot News





3 - 14 November 2018


Geneva International Clarinet Competition - in progress


Geneva, Switzerland






11 November 2018

Senior VIP Franklin Cohen Chamber Concert at Washington University


St Louis, Missouri USA






8 November 2018

Major Master Class with Jose Franch-Ballister at the University of Michigan - VIPs Chad Burrow and Daniel Gilbert, Hosts

Ann Arbor, Michigan USA













7 November 2018

Senior VIP and Legend Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic Stanley Drucker Book, written by Mitchell Estrin, Signing Party at the Buffet New York Showroom 

New York City USA

            A great evening at the Buffet Showroom celebrating the release of Mitchell Estrin's Biography of his longtime mentor, associate, and teacher Senior VIP Stanley Drucker, probably the most important Clarinet Principal and Orchestral soloist of the last century and recipient in the Guiness Book of Records as the longest performing clarinetist, and 61 years in the great New York Philharmonic.  The Book signing was overseen with several VIP clarinetists and friends coming to enjoy the evening and get their book signed by Dr Drucker and author Mitch Estrin.  The Buffet President and VIP Francois Kloc and Magoli Tricoche along with members of the NY Phil Pascual Martinez-Forteza, Steve Hartman from the NY City Ballet Orchestra, and many others in the Buffet Clarinet community enjoyed a rare and high profile celebration of the living legend.   The intangible greatness of this evening cannot be expressed enough.




6 November 2018



Senior VIP and Legend Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic Stanley Drucker Book, written by Mitchell Estrin, Signing Party at the New York Philharmonic Archives with VIP guests

New York City USA

                     In a special celebration marking the release of Mitchell Estrin's new Biography of his teacher, Orchestral Associate for over 20 years when the New York Philharmonic was on tour Internationally, and the book in preparation for over 5 years, the event was a resounding tribute to one the Philharmonic's own legends.  Musicians of stature from New York and a special attendance of John Corigliano, composer of the great Clarinet Concerto from 1977, dedicated to Drucker, Bernstein, and the Philharmonic, made a valuable evening.   Mr Estrin gave a heartfelt speech about the book, his relationship as a student at Juilliard with Stanley Drucker, and how it all made a huge difference in his life as a player and fully explains the loyalty to Dr Drucker.   The Preface to the book was written by John Corigliano who explained the influence Drucker had on him and his writing of the Concerto, which could be the most important Concerto in the 20th Century given the huge substance of thematic content in the 3 movements, one for Drucker, the  2nd movement,  Elegy to Corigliano's father, Concertmaster at the Phil, and the 3rd movement showcasing Bernstein and the Philharmonic.   It was a legend party which will be remembered far beyond this date.





5 November 2018

Cambridge Music Consortium with concert and Master Classes with Slavko Kovacic and VIP Jonathan Cohler at the Longy School of Music

Cambridge, Massachusetts USA



3 - 5 November 2018


 Recital and Master Class of Master Ronald Van Spaendonck, clarinetist / clarinettiste - at the National University of Arts


Buenos Aires, Argentina




1 - 4 November 2018


VIP Anthony McGill, (Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic) performs with the University of Texas (Austin) Wind Ensemble including Bernstein's Prelude, Fugue and Riffs and Bolcom's Clarinet Concerto and conducts a Master Class


Austin, Texas USA