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To:   Music Industry and Music Organizations

 Re:   Advertising and Partner Opportunities with the

World Clarinet Alliance - WKA

 Background Information:

            The World Clarinet Alliance – WKA was organized after a major meeting held in Stuttgart, Germany with Sir Neville Marriner in January 1988.   The current Official WKA website was formatted in 1999 and has been active to this day, amassing over 5 million hits annually with constant updating of current news information and music resources covering over 150 pages within the shell of the site. Purpose of WKA is to serve the entire Clarinet and Music fields and provide for access to opportunities for players, educators, industry, and Music festivals. 

          WKA is soon to be a Corporation aimed at providing goods and services for the entire field and advertising for both industry and organizations which is in formative process, using as the medium jpeg flash advertising on all 25 pages of the shell side of the site immediately below the WKA logo.  Prices are as follows:


1.                  Industry advertising  - $750 per year, or $65 per month  -  WKA members $500 per year


      2.         Organization advertising  -  $750 per year, or $65 per month    -   WKA member organizations $500 per year

       This service provides for constant exposure of your products and services to a WKA readership of over 50,000 repeat customer prospects, and your participation would be a valuable service to all Clarinetists worldwide.  All Industry firms are already listed and linked on the Music Industry list pages for their benefit. Please read over the Alliance Partner Pages on the website for complete information.

       For more information please contact Mike Getzin, WKA CEO



Company Name______________________________________________

 Company Representative’s Name________________________________

 Company Web Site URL________________________________________

 E-Mail Address________________________________________________

 Company Telephone number_____________________________________

 Company Address:______________________________________________


 City__________________________State_________Zip Code_____________

 Advertising Costs:   Annual:   US $750.00

             For WKA members:    US $500.00

Music Industry Partner Program - Support your Clarinetists

 Large Corporative Rate:          US $5000  annually

Small Business Rate                   US $1500 annually

 Includes:     Several jpeg ads can be used

                      Advisory Board position with the Klar/Fest Fund

                        Access to WKA member database to provide for email Newsletters

 Please complete the above form and send Official Check or Money Order made out to:   

World Clarinet Alliance

Attn:   Advertising

PO Box 373

Beckley, WV 25802

Please email the jpeg photo ad to:  Mike Getzin,  WKA Founder and CEO













Benefits to Music Industry Partners are:

1. Listing with linkages on the Music Industry/Arts Technology Page

2. Opportunity as Alliance Partners to reach a worldwide customer base to market your products and services, especially with Global e-mail capability, saving vast amounts of money in not having to purchase data labels for expensive mailings Internationally.

3. As a Advisory Board member, have the influence to expand the openness Internationally of the music field and expand markets Internationally.

4. Opportunity to exert influence to Music Associations Internationally to work together to improve Music Festival programs through the WKA Organization Alliance Partner Program.

5. Preference Advertising privileges on the WKA Web Site.

6. By pre-arrangement, be exempt from all Exhibit fees at all Klar/Fest and Organization Partnered Festival/Conference programs Internationally.

7. Full knowledge that your paid membership grant support and Advisory Board participation tells the worldwide WKA members that you support THEM as stakeholders supporting and expanding the music/clarinet field Internationally.

8. Extensive information regarding the WKA Klar/Fest support concepts contained in the Klar/Fest Initiative Page.

                                      Is it time to consider this idea and move

                                              up to a new level of dialogue?



During the initial programs having occurred in Washington DC in 1981, and during the attempted Klar/Fest 95 Frankfurt program,  the following standard guidelines were made the principle concept:

1.        The Klar/Fest was designed to serve the highest Artistic/Educational standard to benefit everyone who enrolled.  This meant the engaging a first-class faculty renowned for their performance of the music of expertise, such as solo, orchestral, jazz, klemzmer music, contemporary music, and pedagogical credibility. 

  2.     The program was designed to actively involve the participants at their interests, involving participating in Master Classes given by the faculty artists,  Orchestral Mock Auditions with Finals to make a real situation to those desiring experience to get an Orchestral position, and other related activities.

  3.       Prime Performances featured the artists in their strongest suits as performers, worked out with them. 

  4.       Thematic concepts were considered,  especially evident in the Frankfurt Klar/Fest 95. It was the 100th Birth-year of Paul Hindemith, the composer from Frankfurt, the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II and German-American Friendship.  The honoring of three major names in the music field  - Paul Hindemith, Leon Russianoff   (New York Clarinet pedagogue), and Herbert Wurlitzer, the famed Clarinet maker, who produced the finest German Clarinets used widely in Germany and Internationally.  

  5.        Every effort to retain these guidelines was endeavored.    Serving the musical outcome was most important, and the input of major musicians known for their credibility asked for advice and support.  Sir Neville Marriner, noted World-class conductor, and Stanley Drucker, solo Clarinetist with the New York Philharmonic, have provided guidelines in past years.

  6.        In both Klar/Fest Programs, University Academic Credit was offered  (3 Credit Hours). 

  7.        In the WKA program formats, Organizational Alliance Partners, together with their selected Board member to represent them,  each Partner organization would be an active part in the program planning for an upcoming Klar/Fest or similar regional project to best represent the International interest.


      Of importance to any major Festival program is the financial support needed to adequately fund it.   In past years, the Industry, particularly the Music Industry, was asked to provide funding support in various ways, whether providing cash support, sponsor an Artist/Clinician of their choice, and exhibiting at the Festival.   With so many Congress projects ongoing every year in many places Internationally, the firms must make choices based on the strongest track record of the Organizations.  Credible stability is very important.

       Participant enrollment fees, exhibitor fees from other vendors, would be placed into the same Fund, and all profits from the Festivals would be recycled into another future program.  In addition, the firm would have a special page on the WKA Web Site for their benefit.  All financial support sent to assist a Festival would count toward the annual grant donation into the Klar/Fest Fund.  

      Proposal:      Many Music Festivals Internationally are totally underwritten by major corporations that market their products to a general population that would attend these events. Overall cost to sponsor a high quality event Festival would cost about $100,000 in covering all expenses as described below.   Contributing firms would be graciously credited and provided projected full rights to widely promote their products and agendas. Exhibitor fees would be waived as the firms are Industry Partnered.



As referenced in the WKA Historical Overview under the WKA Proposal, current scenarios are in effect:

          There are several small National organizations that present a Clarinet Festival each year in their country.  Because of limited financial resources, they must program small to balance their budgets.  Many programs are high quality, and the attendance is well represented.  

      As an example,  the International Clarinet Association (ICA), presents ClarinetFest each year in various places, primarily at University campuses inside the US, and each third year in Europe.  Up-front promotional financial support is provided by contract arrangement with the on-site institutions, which prepare the total program, including faculty selection, organization supports, scheduling of events during the week, and provide facilities for the program.   It is understood that the financial responsibility lies with the institution regarding making budget at the ClarinetFest.  ICA participates with their University members and has the program named as an ICA sponsored Festival.  Any financial losses are responsibility of the on-site institution sponsor.

      In the year 2000, EUROCASS was formed with an organizational membership of Clarinet Societies from about 15 countries.  Purpose was to make possible cooperation in presenting Clarinet Conferences under a common banner. 

      In Asia, the strongest organization is the Japan Clarinet Society, and in Australia, the Queensland Clarinet and Saxophone Society, patterned after the English Clarinet and Saxophone Society CASS.  Festival scenarios are identical in formats.

It is vitally important that support not be focused on only a few organizations but to consider a wide market spectrum including many organizations working together as Alliance Partners to produce a focused quality program product. The International array of listed organizations and World Music Events  inside this site provide high potential to justify support.

WKA is formatting a Grant Program to serve Academic and Organization Partners to encourage Industry Alliance Partners cumulatively to support all their programs based on budget needs, geographic factors to reach a wide audience, and especially for short time term conferences (weekend or 3 day symposiums) at several International locations which can make the Music Industry reach more potent for customer base and goodwill toward the field.

The Music Industry, whether a large Instrument Corporation or the small business, is encouraged to consider ways through this program to enhance their reach to the grass-roots market of clarinetists and related followers.  Dialogs to achieve these ends are open-ended and encouraged.



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