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December 2015 Newsletter





For all former Russianoff Students, mark your date for 14 February 16 as seen below:



Memorial Celebration for Leon Russianoff - 26 years after his passing away in 1990 - Manhattan School of Music - VIP Charles Neidich and Mike Getzin, Directors


             On Sunday, February 14, the Manhattan School will host a day long memorial celebration for Leon Russianoff. Russianoff, one of the greatest and most beloved and most colorful clarinet teachers of the 20th century and one of the most important forces elevating the American School of clarinet playing to its position of preeminence passed away 25 years ago.


            Although the exact schedule is still not set, the day will feature performances by many of his students, videos of some of his master classes, reminiscences and discussion about his importance to the world of the clarinet and will end with everyone participating in a clarinet choir farewell to the great master.

            The day will also serve, hopefully, to resuscitate the Russianoff Memorial scholarship fund at the Manhattan School which his wife, Penny Russianoff, established but which has been dormant for several years.


            Former students are urged to participate and honor their teacher and participate in the above activities. Many of the legendary former students are vitally interested in participating.  Please let everyone know, and contact Charles Neidich at   or Mike Getzin at



New Update:


Date: Sunday, 14 Feb 16 at:


Manhattan School of Music
120 Claremont Ave (Broadway and 122nd St)
New York City




Check WKA info at


10:30AM-12:30PM Video presentation and discussion Miller Recital Hall

2PM-4PM Concert 1Greenfield Recital Hall

4:30PM-6:30PM Concert 2 Greenfield Recital Hall

Afterwards, reception- party in Bettolona Restaurant

Greenfield Recital Hall is available for rehearsals from 9:15-12:30 and for a sound check from 1:30-1:45.

Please let as many people know as possible about this and have people who would like to play contact me.

Thanks so much,
All the Best,


PS -  Any emails and other contacts to me regarding this program will be answered and be patient given the business of schedules, If I cannot be immediately contacted, contact Mike Getzin and he will reinforce to keep the communications active.




3 December 2015


Manila, The Philippines


3 - 4 December 2015


VIP Alessandro Carbonare Master Class


Piocenza, Italy


Kalamazoo, Michigan




4 December 2015





5 - 8 December 2015


Agaete Clarinet Festival




6 December 2015

Splender, The Netherlands



Clarinet-Basklarinetdag for adventurous (bass) clarinettists
Sunday, December 6 at 10:00am in UTC+01
Splendor in Amsterdam, Netherlands


7 December 2015 - 2 - 5 PM

Lincoln Center Restaurant

New York City


Vandoren NYC Holiday Party
Monday December 7th, 2015

Annual Holiday Party
Food and refreshments
Lincoln Restaurant
142 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023

2 - 5:00 pm

Holiday VandoJam
Zinc Bar
82 West 3rd Street (btw Thompson & Sullivan)
Greenwich Village, New York City
Featuring the Vandoren Holiday Sax Section
Mark Gross, Loren Stillman, Steve Wilson, Scott Robinson, Lucas Pino, Andrew Hadro
Arrangements by Todd Bashore
9 pm - 1 am

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9 December 2015


Senior VIP Franklin Cohen performs Golidov 'The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and String Quartet with the Amernet Quartet at Florida International University Jewish Museum


Miami, Florida






12 - 13 December 2015 - Application deadline - 20 November 2015



European Music Competition for Clarinet and Saxophone

CECS - ClariSax 2015,  (France)


Valenciennes, France



The ClariSax music competition

The ClariSax music competition is organized by the association Les Anches Simples on a voluntary basis with the help of its partners.

This competiton is open to any clarinetist and saxophonist from the youngest up to the most experienced ones. Only students (or former students) of any french Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (Paris or Lyon) or of any other international music conservatory are not allowed to compete.

The ClariSax competition provides young students with the opportunity to meet famous internationally rewarded artists who will advise them as best as possible.

The most experienced students aiming at enterring french national conservatories (CNSM de Paris et Lyon) or any other international one (Bruxelles, Genève, ...) will be advised by regular international music competition jury members.



Exceptional event

A concert will be performed by ClariSax jury members on Saturday December, 12th 2015 at the Auditorium Saint Nicolas.



13 - 17 December 2015



VI International Clarinet Seminar with VIP Yehuda Gilad - 1st Session


Murcia, Spain



December 16 - 19 2015



The 69th Annual Conference


Chicago, Illinois


EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2015: THE MIDWEST CLINIC OFFICE HAS MOVED! Please see our new contact information below.

The Midwest Clinic
601 Oakmont Lane, Suite 140
Westmont, IL 60559
Phone: (630) 861-6125
Fax: (630) 891-3985

               What began in 1946 as 120 music directors meeting for six hours in a Chicago YWCA gym has now become the annual four-day music band and orchestra conference known as The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference. For the past 67 years, musicians, educators and people passionate about music education of all skill levels have gathered in Chicago for the largest music conference of its kind.
              The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference offers guests interested in music education an array of clinics and exhibits, as well as access to music and teaching icons. The conference will also focus on industry trends and future topics in business and music education. With more than 17,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 30 countries, The Midwest Clinic offers music educators and musicians alike an
unmatched networking opportunity.
The Midwest Clinic International Band, Orchestra and Music Conference each year displays top ensembles throughout the music conference to showcase the newest ideas and talent. From students to professionals, performers have a chance to exhibit their talents to a supportive and enthusiastic audience with an interest in furthering music education. Each band and orchestra conference is unique and offers attendees the most up-to-date music styles and education techniques.

Who Can Attend?


Anyone and everyone can attend the conference!  Guests of the music conference do not have to be part of an orchestra, band or other group. From teachers to administrators, music enthusiast to professional musicians.  And EVERYONE in between!  Register on your own or as part of a group. While offering world-class innovation, education and networking, The Midwest Clinic maintains competitive rates to ensure that musicians and music educators from all financial backgrounds can attend.

The Midwest Clinic is ideal for: 

  • Instrumental Music Teachers 
  • Fine Arts Administrators 
  • Professional and Amateur Musicians 
  • Military Musicians 
  • College and University Teachers, Students and Administrators 
  • Music Industry Representatives 
  • Composers and Arrangers 
  • Grade School and High School Music Students 
  • Conductors 

    The Midwest Clinic seeks to help musicians of all skill levels and stages advance into the next level of their careers. 

    It Starts with You




    18 - 19 December 2015


    Porto, Portugal






    19 -22 December 2015


    Clarinetissimo Festival


    Brugge, Belgium



    20 December 2015


    VIP Sabine Grofmeier, Soloist


    27 - 28 December 2015



    Hong Kong Festival Wind Orchestra with VIP Ecesu Sertesen, Solo Clarinetist in the Istanbul Ballet, Opera Orchestra, Soloist, Hasan N. Tura - Clarinet Concerto

     Hong Kong, China



    Solo Concert with HKFWO

    -27th of December 2015 - 15:00
    at HK City Hall Concert Hall
    Hasan N. Tura - Clarinet Concerto


    -28th of December 2015
    Master class

    Thank you so much to
    GMD of HKFWO Carl Choi,



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