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Listed below are Performing Organization Resources and sites listing Resources of value to all visitors. All Organizations are either listed by Web Site sourcing or by Category.  Worthy Organization listings are welcomed to enhance their activities and programs.






Leister String Quintet rehearsal

Interclarinet ensemble

German Klarinette Ensemble

Klarinette Ensemble in Leipzig

Guy Deplus in Trio Rehearsal




A Good Reed Woodwind Ensemble -  England

Accalarion Accordian & Clarinet Duo

Adorno Ensemble


Ambache Ensemble -  England

American Chamber Ensemble

American Clarinet Quartet

American Symphonic Clarinet Choir

Aneis Clarinet Quartet - Japan

Armonia Opus Trio - Argentina

Arnhems Klarinetten Koor

Arundo Clarinet Quartet

Asko & Schoenberg Ensembles - Netherlands

Ad Astra Clarinet Quartet

Atomic Clarinets

Baermann Trio - Germany

Black List  (Super Clarinet Team)

Blast from the Past Clarinet Ensemble

Bloomsburg Woodwind Ensemble - England

Blue Amadeus  (Clarinet & Strings)

Brabarts Clarinet Quartet 'Flautando' - Netherlands

Bremen Klarinetten Quartett

British Clarinet Ensemble

Cambiane Clarinet Consort

Capriccio Clarinet Choir - Netherlands

Caracas Clarinet Quartet

Carcoma Klarinetten Quartett - Germany

Carolina Clarinet Quartet

Cavallini Quartett - Switzerland

Cefiro Clarinet Quartet

Celtic Clarinet Ensemble

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

Chattanooga Clarinet Choir

Cheur de Clarinettes de Friebourg - Switzerland

Chicago Clarinet Ensemble

Chicago Klezmer Ensemble

Chinook Clarinet Quartet

Choro Ensemble

Christensen Family of Clarinets

Clanowa Ka-ruku Orchestra

Claribel Clarinet Choir - Belgium

Clarinet Candy - Japan

Clarinet Cappricio - France

Clarinet Choir KlasMo - Netherlands

Clarinet Choir Weert - Netherlands

Clarinet Connexions

Clarinet Conspiracy - Todd Brumel

Clarinet Ensemble Company "Kyoye" - Japan

Clarinet Ensemble 'Kleine Musik' - Japan

Clarinet Ensemble Lignum - Netherlands

Clarinet Ensemble Moon - Japan

Clarinet Gang- The New German-Israeli Klezmer & Classic All Stars

Clarinet Jazz Band from France

Clarinet Quartet "Nevsky" - Yugoslavia

Clarinet Section - London's Leading Sextet

Clarinetes Adlibitum Quartet - Portugal

Clarinets 'Ateneus' Quartet - Spain

Clarinets Unlimited - Netherlands

Clarinettes du Monde

Clarinettissimo - Austria

Clarinis Ensemble de Clarinettes - France

Clarion Synthesis

Clarinotts - Austria

Clarisma Schweizer Klarinetten Trio

Clarity Clarinet Quartet

Clarino Ensemble - Italy

Collage New Music

Concert Nova Resources

Concertino Clarinet Ensemble - Belgium

Contemporary Music Forum - Washington DC

Cuarteto de Clarinetes de Mexico

Cuarteto de Clarinete De Valencia

Cygnet Clarinet Ensemble

Czech Clarinet Quartet

Darkwood Consort  (Viola, Bass Clarinet)

Delano Clarinet Choir

Denner Clarinet Trio / Aulos Sextet

Deserts Edge Clarinet/Percussion Duo

Diva Jazz Orchestra

Doreen's Jazz New Orleans

Duo Alea

Duo Clarones - Netherlands

Duo Controverso

Duo de Clarinete Johannes Brahms

Duo Gurfinkel (Alexander and Daniel, twins 1992)

Duo Savage Rose - Germany

Duomkabio Clarinet Ensemble

Eastman Clarinet Choir

East Anglian Single Reed Choir

East Kentucky University Clarinet Choir

East London Clarinet Choir

Ebony Clarinet Quartet - Belgium

Edmund Welles Bass Clarinet Quartet

Emiliano Clarinet Quartet - Italy

Ensamble Antares - Argentina

Ensemble 4 Clarinet Quartet

Ensemble 54  Clarinet Quartet - New York

Ensemble Alt Wien - Austria

Ensemble Clarino - Switzerland

Ensemble de Clarinettes d'Auvergne

Ensemble Eddy Vanoosthuyse - Belgium

Ensemble Modern -  Frankfurt

Ensemble Phorminx - Germany

Fell Clarinet Quartet - England

Flanders Clarinet Quartet

Florida Youth Clarinet Choir

Gu geu Chamber Music Group

Ginza Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Georgia State University Clarinet Choir

Harbor Winds Clarinet Quartet - US Navy Band

Hedeaki Iwai Clarinet Choir (HICC) - Japan

Helicon Ensemble - England

Het Trio - Netherlands

Hiroshima Clarinet Ensemble

Hobereaux Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Imani Winds - New York

In Modo camerale - Czech Republic

Inner City Four Clarinet Quartet

Interclarinet - Germany, Hungary, Austria

Jorgensmann-Kuffermann Duo

Joyful Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Kanazawa Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Kansai Clarinet Society  (Japan)

Kingsbury Quartet

Klarinetten Quartett des Musikkorps der Deutsche Bundeswehr

Klezmorim - David Orlowsky


Koorenhuis Klarinet Ensemble - Netherlands

Kuros Klarinet Kwartet - Netherlands

Kutztown University Clarinet Ensemble

Kvartet Klarinetov Klar & Nett - Slovenia

Kwartet Andre - Netherlands

Les Essouffles - France

Les Six  (Clarinet & Piano)

Lightwood Duo

London Chamber Group Clarinet Quartet

Los Angeles Clarinet Choir

Madiento de Vento - Brazil

Manuel DeFalla Clarinet Quartet - Spain

Margot Leverett & the Klezmer Mountain Boys

Mariinsky Clarinet Club - Russia

Middle Tenn State University Clarinet Choir

Minsk Clarinet Quartet  -  Russia

Mistral Clarinet Quartet - England

Monotone Ensemble - Japan

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble - Russia

Music Hall - Horn Clarinet Choir - Japan

Music Players Society Clarinet Choir - England

Mutare Ensemble - Germany

Namaste Clarinet Quartet - England

Netherlands Klarinet Kwartet

New York University New Music Ensemble

Northwest Clarinet Choir

North Wales Clarinet Choir

Octuor de France

Ohio University Clarinet Choir

Opera Lafayette

Opus IV Clarinet Quartet - England

Orlando Clarinet Choir & Productions

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Orquestra de Clarinetes de Almada

Piet Jeegers Clarinet Choir (PJCC)

Portuguese Clarinet Ensembles

Prague Clarinet Quartet

Prague Trio of Bassett Horns

Project Clarinet Trio

Quarteto de Clarinetes de Lisboa

Quarteto Vintage

Quartetto 'NA Manfroce' - Italy

Quartett Parkplatz - Austria

Quatuor Clair et Net

Quatuor de Clarinettes 5RV

Quatuor de Clarinettes Prise de Bec

Quatuor Issy Paris

Riverside Reeds

Rocco Parisi Bass Clarinet Quartet - Italy

Rutgers University Clarinet Ensemble

Saeculum Aureum Players

Santa Rosa Clarinet Quartet

SCAW Bass Clarinet Duo (Sarah Watts) - United Kingdom

Sendai Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Serenata Clarinet Quartet

Shirim Klezmer Orchestra

Silverwood Clarinet Choir

Skjold Clarinet Choir - Norway

Slovenian Clarinet Choir

Slovenski Sekstet Klarinetov

Stockholm Clarinet Choir - Sweden


Tashi - Richard Stoltzman

Thameside Clarinet Choir

The Klezmer Connection - Austria

Thelema Trio - Belgium

Thurston Clarinet Quartet - England

Titan Trio

Tokyo Clarinet Choir - Japan

Toyama Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Trio Holzschlag - Austria

Trio Mignon - Austria

TrioVox+ - Switzerland

Trio Color Madera

Trio di Clarone - Sabine Meyer - Germany

Trio Instrumental de Camera 'Sine Nomine' - Argentina

Trondheim Klarinettkvartett - Norway

Tulsa Clarinet Quartet - Oklahoma USA

University of Illinois Clarinet Choir

University of Tennessee Clarinet Ensemble

USAF American Clarinet Quartet

USAF Heartland of America Band Clarinet Quartet

US Army Field Band Clarinet Quartet

US Forscom Band Clarinet Quartet 'Klaherazade'

US VA National Medical Musical Group (NMMG)

Uji Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Upper Canada Clarinet Choir

Uwharrie Clarinet-Percussion Duo

Varius Klarinetten Chor - Switzerland

Vienna Clarinet Choir - Austria

Vienna Thalia Quartett

Vienna Clarinet Connection - Austria

Virtual Klezmer  -  Germany

Walter Boeykens Clarinet Choir - Belgium

Wellman Clarinet Quartet - London UK

Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band

World of Winds - WASBE

Wychwood Clarinet Choir - Canada

Yellow Ties Clarinet Band - France

Yokohama Clarinet Ensemble - Japan

Zephyros Band - Greek Ethnic Music


Guido Six in Clarinet Choir Rehearsal

Paul Harvey in Rehearsal

Univ of Oklahoma Choir w/ soloist

Senior Clarinet Choir Rehearsal

Harvey Rehearsal



Arkansas State University Clarinet Studio

Baylor University Woodwind Dept

Benedictine College Woodwind Studio

Bowling Green University (Ohio) Clarinet Studio

Capitol University Conservatory Clarinet Studio

CCM Clarinet Studio - Cincinnati Conservatory

Columbus State University  (Georgia) Clarinet Studio

Eastman Clarinet Studio

ET's Clarinet Studio  (Eric Tishkoff)

KV 622 Klarinette Klasse - Dortmund, Germany

Illinois State University Clarinet Studio

Illinois Wesleyan University Clarinet Studio

Indiana University Clarinet Studio

Ithaca College Clarinet Studio

James Madison University Clarinet Studio

Kennesaw University Clarinet Studio

Louisiana State University Clarinet Studio

Luebeck Klarinetten Studio - Sabine Meyer  -  Germany

Miami University (Ohio) Clarinet Studio

Michigan State University Clarinet Studio

Northeast Illinois University Clarinet Studio

Ohio University Clarinet Studio

Oklahoma University Clarinet Studio

Sam Houston State University Clarinet Studio

Texas Tech University Clarinet Studio

Valdosta State University Clarinetwork

University of Evansville Clarinet Studio

University of Florida Clarinet Studio

University of Georgia Clarinet Studio

University of Nebraska Clarinet Studio

University of New Mexico Clarinet Studio

University of North Texas Clarinet Studio

West Carolina University Clarinet Studio

Wright University Clarinet Studio




American Composers Orchestra

American Symphony Orchestra League Orchestra Listings

Atlanta Clarinet Association (ACA) Orchestra Jobs


Drew McManus - Sound Consulting Resources for the Orchestra World

Musical Chairs Resources  (Europe)

New Auditions Resources

Orchestral Library Resources

Orchestra Musician's CD ROM Library

Polyphonic - Orchestra Musicians Forum

Symphony Orchestra Institute Orchestra Listings

Walter Grabner's ClarinetXpress Orchestral Clarinetists

World Orchestra for Peace - Sir Georg Solti




International Youth Orchestra Resources

United States Youth Orchestra Resources

Albert Schweitzer Jugendorchester Hamburg

Berliner Philharmoniker Orchestra Academy

Brant Youth Symphony Orchestra - Canada

Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras

European Union Youth Orchestra

Face Symphony Orchestra - Canada

Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras

Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra

Mediterranian Youth Orchestra

National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

National Youth Orchestra of Scotland

Nordic Youth Orchestra - Sweden

'Yarevan' Youth Chamber Orchestra - Russia

Youth Orchestra of the Americas


US Marine Clarinetists

West Point Clarinet Quartet

The US Army Band in Rehearsal

US Army Recruiting at OK Clarinet Symposium 02

US Marine Bands Display

US Army Field Band Display

The US Army Band Display

Army Bands Booth



Bill's Army Band Page

Canadian Air Command Band

Deutsche Musikkkorps

German Military Bands

Royal Marines Bands Online - England

The Band of the Royal Military College of Canada

USAF Band of Liberty

USAF Band Programs

US Army Bands Online

US Marine Music Programs

US Navy Music Programs

The US Army Band  (Pershing's Own)

US Air Force Band

USAF Academy Band

USAF Europe Band

US  Army Field Band

US Army Ground Forces Band

US Army 249th National Guard Band  (West Virginia)

US Coast Guard Band

US Continental Army Band

US Marine Band  (President's Own)

US Merchant Marine Academy Band

US Military Academy  (USMA) Band

US Naval Academy Band

US Navy Band

USAREUR Band  -  Germany


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