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membership agreement

By Joining the WKA you are agreeing to all the terms and agreements to the statements provided on both of the Privacy Act Statements and the Terms of Agreement Pages.

1Terms of agreements include.

1.a  Any emails received by any of our administrators may be archived for private usage by only the administrators and or sponsors.

1.b  Any information that you release to us in the forms and surveys can be used to advertise other products and You will Receive Email from our advertisers and Sponsors only if you have left the checkbox button checked beside the text Add me To the Mailing List on any of the forms that you may have filled out while Joining for membership or by taking the survey. You can Unsubscribe to the Email list by just replying to the Email and Write simply Unsubscribe. 

1.c  The only information that may be released to our sponsors are First and Last Name, Email Address, City And State, Age, Organization, and Sex.  Any other information will be kept only on record for the Administrators of the Website and the WKA Officers. This is only if you have specified that you agree to release this information.


2  Agreement of Membership include.

2.a   Membership will be FREE meaning No Cost to you as a person for personal use of the website. 

2.b   Industry Alliance Partners are to Make Contributions to the Site and KlarFest Fund through Yearly or Monthly donations to the fund to obtain Advertisement Places on this website and also Obtain the Member list of the information that we have agreed to list to the Industry Alliance Partners.  See 1.c for the Information that Industry Alliance Partners May receive.

2.c  You may Not Post Anything Derogatory or Use Foul Language of any type on our message boards and or Chat Rooms if they are Made Available and may not use any type of email address that are listed on the pages of the WKA website for purposes of Spamming users or promoting products that are not related to the site and or pornographic material, unsolicited emailing of advertisements for products.

3.  Copyright Clause.  

3.a   The WKA logo and Pages of the WKA website may not be altered in any way by its members, Sponsors or Others that are not participating in or are registered users of the website.  Only WKA site Administrators may Add Edit Or Alter Pages that are included in the WKA website.   

3.b   The WKA logo of the Globe and Clarinet and also the WKA KlarFest are registered trademarks of the Weltweite Klarinetten Alliance and the Worldwide Clarinet Alliance, World Clarinet Alliance, or Klarinet Alliance. And may not be altered copied or used in any other organizational material that displays the name or influences of any other organization other then the WKA.


In the Membership page if you have selected to be added your personal information only including: 

First and Last Name,  email Address, City and State, may be released only to members of the WKA. All information about you will be only released and posted on the Subpages of the WKA core. All users that are registered members of the WKA  will be able to access your information that is listed above in 1.c if you specify to add you to the member page.

The Membership Page will be located inside of the Core of the Website and All Users of the Website will have to Join and be registered for using the website to access the Information. This will prevent anyone from using your Personal Information against you or you having problems with your email accounts and also to ensure the security of our members.


If your membership is revoked you will lose all rights of participating in or obtaining access to any of the membership benefits of the WKA core web pages and your membership information will be deleted accordingly off of the membership pages of the website.

If you are receiving Spam, Or unwanted emails from this site or any of its Sponsors or Industrial Alliance Partners please Email Us

This Term of Agreement Is Subject to Change and when it does you will be notified per Email from the Website Administrators.

Privacy Act Statement

By Submitting information to us you are agreeing to the terms of agreement and also this Privacy Act Statement.

All Information that you provide to the will be kept on a database and will be changed altered or updated only from the WKA Database Managers or Webmasters.  

All information that you provide is considered confidential and will not be released to any third parties other than our Sponsors that Contribute to the Klar/Fest Fund and also the Management of the Website and Organization.  The only information that they may receive is First and Last Name, Email Address and City and State.

Also by Submitting your personal data you may receive some emails from other members and Sponsors that are registered Users of the WKA website if you have left the Add Me to the Members Page check box checked.  This means that Your First and Last Name will be placed on the Members page in accordance with Location of City and State.

You may receive emails from our Sponsors by leaving the checkbox where it says  yes i want to receive mailings from WKA sponsors checked.

Understand that You may  Remove Yourself from the Members Page by contacting our Webmaster at any time with an Email requesting:  Remove me From the Webpage List.


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