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Manfred Preis - Clarinetist and Bass Clarinetist in the Berliner Philharmoniker and Acclaimed Soloist and Pedagogue and ensemble member of:

Berliner Philharmonisches Bläserensemble

Bolero Berlin



                 Never in his life had he imagined playing this instrument, but then the Berliner Philharmoniker advertised a position for a bass clarinettist. Manfred Preis, graduate of the Munich Musikhochschule and the Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker as well as clarinettist in the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, applied for the job and was hired. Since then he loves the low wind instrument.

                Preis is not only involved in the orchestra but also in chamber music, for example as clarinettist in the Trio Berlin, with the Winds of the Berlin Philharmonic and various other groups. He is also sought after as a saxophonist. As a teacher he works with, among other institutions, the Hochschule für Musik of Nuremberg-Augsburg and international youth orchestras.

»The bass clarinet lives from its dark timbre. Whenever there’s something lyrical, mystical or spiritual to say in the orchestra, that’s when the bass clarinet begins to buzz. I love that about my instrument!«


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