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To all interested Clarinetists

            WKA has been operational with this uniquely comprehensive web site since April 2000. This organization has been in planning for over 13 years with a meeting held in Stuttgart Germany in 1988.   The principal objective is to serve the total Clarinet World with Internet-interactive communication and interaction.  In browsing through the List Pages, one will discover that WKA has the most comprehensive list/linking of music related activities and firms serving them of any clarinet site on the Internet.   Everyone, especially in this communication age, is encouraged to interact online as no Magazine is published because all materials can be downloaded as needed.  As this is a major cost saving there is no fee to join WKA, which is important especially to persons who cannot afford to pay yearly fees and face currency incompatibilities.  This is a major advantage for everyone as it encourages a high participation for everyone through access to the core of the site, which will contain several pages including:

  Directory of members who can be emailed direct from that page

  Article Desktop to submit articles and other documents and presentations and download them

  Community Chat Page to discuss issues of interest

  Service Page to contain Member Resumes and Linkages to enhance careers and interests

  Of vital importance is the Open-Source objective of WKA.  As seen on the shell pages throughout the site, link pages are abounding with hyperlink lists of  all the aspects of Music and Clarinet including the Music Festivals Worldwide, Music Industries,  Music Competitions, Music Organizations, and WKA concepts for interaction.  All these listed are invited to participate to enhance the field.

  Everyone is encouraged to join WKA online, and participate by contributing articles, event information, and also examine their present organization affiliations and encourage their participation as Alliance partners, as WKA is supporting their programs. 

  Anything less is missing an important opportunity



1. Access to vital information about the Music and Clarinet field through International channels of Internet communication for your benefit.

2. Alliance Partnered membership providing computer access to several organizations and benefits.

3. Ability to interactively communicate with WKA and other members directly and to submit and download articles directly to and from the Web Site core, along with feedback about issues.

4. Reduced Festival enrollment fees as a WKA member by pre-arrangement with Partner Organizations.

5. WKA members contributing to the organization are categorized as Contributing members and given privileges for their support for the benefit of their fellow members, such as discounts for goods and services offered by Industry Partners, reduced fees for Festival participant enrollments, and official recognitions.

To be a contributing member, the following guidelines pertain:

1. Submission of Articles, Academic Abstracts, Dissertations, Event summaries, Presentations. Previously published material is encouraged, subject to clearance from Publisher by the author.

2. Contributing effort to assist WKA in its mission to serve other members and the Music field, such as being an Official performing those tasks needed to fulfill the WKA goals

3. Financial contribution into the Klar/Fest Fund

4. Volunteer assistance to help the WKA initiatives by arrangement with the organization

'WKA Member Adoption' Initiative

       Throughout the WKA site there is mention of membership categories that members can be especially recognized, the Contributing member (CM), the Scholarship Competition winner (SM), and the Retired member (RM).  Each show a unique characteristic demonstrating in each accomplishment to the field and generous contribution to the Clarinet Community.  Encouraging students, other Clarinet colleagues, and peers to join WKA is in itself a contribution to each other's interactive well being as all who join enjoy the extensive connective opportunity and resources to enrich their musical lives by this interaction.  This 'Member Adoption' initiative warrants for the effort CM status to those who bring players into the WKA fold. In doing so, please let us know and data checks can confirm.  WKA philosophy promotes FREE membership to all individuals to enhance their lives without concerns about financial issues and currency issues, especially with variable exchange rates.


1.    Retired members  (RM) -  All retired musicians and interested persons over 60 eligible for benefits            All Military Band Retirees eligible immediately for benefits

2.    Scholarship Competition Winners  (SM)  -  Scholarship and Performing Competition winners with documentation eligible for benefits

Of vital importance is the FREE membership factor which should make everyone who joins a Stakeholder who wants to bring positive movement for the benefit of others.


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