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As all professions avail themselves of the furthering of their respective fields, there are special people who become icons and role models for all members and others to admire, emulate, and hold special respect  for their accomplishments and service to their field of calling.   The World Clarinet Alliance, as part of its mission to effectively promote the Clarinet Profession, has promoted these ideals through exposure of accomplishments by all levels of players, teachers, students, and others connected to the Clarinet and Music field.  

As part of this endeavor, WKA has made recognition to many highly acclaimed contributors in this regard.  As an aspect of WKA membership, those who contribute to the benefit of WKA and their fellow members receive recognition as Contributing members, Music Competition and Scholarship winners are named as Scholarship members, and Retired musicians including Military Band retirees get Retired member status.  As stated in the membership protocol, WKA membership is free of any costs and fees to encourage effective inter-member interaction. 


Listed and pictured below, with an increasing list updated frequently, are Artist VIP's who have been bestowed this status from the above attributes and stated below.  Many of these artists wear the Official WKA  Artist VIP Polo Shirt recognizing their position with WKA and the profession.  These artists represent the pinnacle of the field, as Orchestral members and soloists, Professors, Jazz Soloists, Instrument Artisons, and others. 

Many new artists are contunuously posted and to preserve space more pages are organized. Continuing the list go to  Artist VIP's listed on WKA Recognitions, Page 2

Sir Neville Marriner - Discography

WKA President at formation in Stuttgart, Germany in 1988;  Conductor of The Academy of St Martin in the Fields in London, UK, and worldwide acclaimed conductor

Composer John Corigliano and Mr Drucker

Mike Getzin, Naomi and Stanley Drucker

Stanley Drucker - Discography

Solo Clarinetist and renowned soloist of the New York Philharmonic

Stanley Drucker and Russianoff at Klar/Fest 81

Major meeting in New York with Klar/Fest faculty including Russianoff and Clarinet dignitaries

Leon Russianoff

Leon Russianoff - In Memoriam

Clarinet Pedagogue Legend and Professor at Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, teacher to most of the most successful Clarinetists in the United States

American Chamber Ensemble and Ms Drucker

Naomi Drucker and co Director Ms Abram

ACE Concertante of Clarinets

Naomi Drucker - Discography

Professor of Clarinet, Hofstra University, Director of the American Chamber Ensemble

Larry Combs soloist with USMA Band

Larry Combs and Steve Girko in seminar

Combs and Dana Wilson, composer

Combs talking Mozart at Chamber concert

Larry Combs - Discography

Acclaimed Soloist and Solo Clarinet in Chicago Symphony;  Faculty at DePaul University

Julie DeRoche and Caroline Hartig

DeRoche and Rose Sperazza

Julie DeRoche

Renowned Soloist; Professor of Clarinet at DePaul University

Sabine Meyer - Discography

Internationally Renowned Soloist and Chamber Music Artist; Professor at the Hochschule fur Musik in Luebeck, Germany

Wolfgang Meyer - Discography

Internationally Renowned Soloist, member of Clarone Trio; Professor at Hochschule fur Music in Karlsruhe, Germany

Mitchell Estrin- Discography

Professor of Clarinet, University of Florida, frequent touring Orchestral member of the New York Philharmonic, Buffet-Crampon Creative & Educational Manager, and Performing Organization Chairman of WKA

Karl Leister and Mitchell Estrin

Karl Leister - Discography

Renowned Solo Clarinetist in the Berlin Philharmonic and major Soloist and Chamber Music Artist

Wenzel Fuchs - Discography

Solo Klarinettist in Berliner Philharmoniker

Karl-Heinz Steffens - Discography

Solo Klarinettist in Berliner Philharmoniker

Guy Deplus and former French Students

Mike Getzin, Guy Deplus, and Sylvan Hue

Guy Deplus - Discography

Retired Professor at Superieor Conservatory in Paris and Acclaimed Soloist

Pianist and Philippe Cuper

Cuper as soloist

Philippe Cuper - Discography

Star Soloist and Principal Clarinetist in Paris Opera Orchestra

Morales and Mike Getzin

Mozart Clarinet Concerto in San Juan, Peurto Rico with the Philadelphia Orchestra performed on a Basset A Clarinet

Ricardo Morales - Discography

Solo Clarinetist and Soloist in the Philadelphia Orchestra, Faculty at Juilliard School and Manhattan School of Music

Donald Montanero - Discography

Retired Associate Solo Clarinetist / Eb Clarinetist in Philadelphia Orchestra; Professor of Clarinet at Curtis Institute

Mark Nuccio

Associate Solo Clarinetist and Eb Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic, Faculty at Manhattan School of Music and the Mannes College of Music

Pascual Martinez Forteza

2nd Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic

Anthony McGill

Solo Clarinetist in Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Michele Zukovsky - Discography

Soloist and Principal Clarinetist in Los Angeles Philharmonic

Yeh and Eb Clarinet Class

Yeh in Recital

John Bruce Yeh - Discography

Acclaimed Soloist and Associate Solo Clarinetist in Chicago Symphony

Gregory Raden - Discography

Solo Clarinetist in Dallas Symphony

Charles Neidich and student

Neidich and David Krakauer at Mannes

Neidich and Mike Getzin at Mannes

Charles Neidich - Discography

Acclaimed International Soloist, member of the NY Woodwind Quintet, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Faculty at the Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, and Mannes College of Music

Eli Eban - Discography

Former Solo Clarinetist in Israel Philharmonic; Professor of Clarinet at Indiana University

Evegny Petrov - Discography

Acclaimed  Soloist; Professor at Moscow Conservatory and Conservatoire, Jurist for Major Competitions including the Geneva and Beijing Competitions

Manasse and Copland Clarinet Concerto at Potsdam

Jon Manasse - Discography

Solo Clarinetist in New York City Ballet, Mostly Mozart Orchestra at Lincoln Center, and Faculty at Eastman School of Music and Juilliard School

David Weber - In Memoriam  - Discography

Major Teacher and former Solo Clarinetist in New York City Ballet, Faculty at Juilliard School and Mentor to many Clarinet Professionals in the United States

Rico Reed Class with Ms Phillips

Master Class at Oklahoma Symposium

Jessica Phillips

2nd and Eb Clarinet in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

D Stanley Hasty and James Pyne

James Pyne

Former Solo Clarinetist in the Buffalo Philharmonic;  Professor of Clarinet at The Ohio State University

Karl Leister and Mr Cohen

Steve Cohen  

Retired Solo Clarinet in the Louisiana Philharmonic (New Orleans);  Professor at Northwestern University

John Reeks and Stanley Drucker at Master Class

John Reeks

Bass Clarinetist in Louisiana Philharmonic;  Faculty at Loyola University

Russell Dagon and Student

Mike Getzin and Mr Dagon

Russell Dagon

Retired Solo Clarinetist in Milwaukee Symphony and Professor at Northwestern University

Richard Nunemaker  -  Discography

Bass Clarinetist in Houston Symphony, Proponent of New Music; Faculty at University of St Thomas

Mitchell Lurie in Oklahoma Symposium

Mitchell Lurie in Master Class in Stockholm

Mitchell Lurie -  Discography

Major Soloist and Faculty at USC and UCLA, former member of Chicago Symphony and Major Studio Clarinetist

In Memoriam

Alia Sabur and Ricardo Morales

Dr Sabur teaching Science course

Alia Sabur

Clarinetist Prodigy, Youngest Professor on record on the Guinness Book of Records with a Ph.D at age 18 in Science and Engineering


More Artist VIP's listed on WKA Recognitions, Page 2








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