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March 2015 Newsletter


Cleveland Orchestra’s Franklin Cohen Note to remember: Cohen to broaden clarinet's horizon


CARLO WOLFF | STAFF REPORTER - Cleveland Jewish News


              Just because Franklin Cohen is retiring from the Cleveland Orchestra after 39 years as its first clarinetist doesn’t mean he’s done. His departure, effective near the end of July, is about freeing himself up to do what he wants: work solo and in more intimate musical groups, connect with friends and colleagues he’s made since he moved to Cleveland in 1976, and travel. He also is creating a business.


             “I have so many things I need to do and I’ve wanted to do for so many years,” Cohen said in a recent interview at his Cleveland Heights home. “It’s time.”

Continuity still figures, however.


              Cohen plans to continue teaching at the Cleveland Institute of Music and is looking forward to Chamberfest Cleveland, the annual festival of chamber music he and his daughter Diana have mounted for the past three years. Chamberfest Cleveland IV, set for June 17 to July 1, will include a June 19 program called “Frank!,” Diana’s tribute to Cohen’s “life in Cleveland so far,” he said.


             His last official concert with the Cleveland Orchestra will be July 26 at Blossom Music Center, with Jahja Ling conducting. After he performs Weber’s Clarinet Concerto No. 2 that evening, he will be Principal Clarinet Emeritus, the first player in Cleveland Orchestra history to hold that title.


            On March 8, Cohen will be part of a seven-member team charged with helping amateur musicians refine their skills. Informally titled “Master chamber music like a pro,” the workshop runs all day at Case Western Reserve University’s Harkness Chapel. The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program, the CWRU music department and ACMP, the Chamber Music Network, are the sponsors


           Chamber music is more personal than orchestral performance, suggested Cohen, a native of White Plains, N.Y., who fell in love with classical music through his mother, a classical pianist.


          “It’s easy to connect because you’re exchanging your souls in a way, or you should be,” he said. “It’s different on a stage with another 100 people. When you play in a trio, a quintet, even eight people, you have to interact on a personal, a musical level.”


           “Some musicians like to follow, like some people, and others like to lead,” he said. “And if you have strong ideas, people look to them. I know which foods I like, but if it’s not precisely to my taste, I don’t reject it.”

The same goes for his field: Cohen prefers music from the classical to the Romantic periods but also is open to the new. “I’d like to study jazz and other world music, sound and forms,” he said.


           On the business side, he aims to sell custom-made clarinet mouthpieces. “People have called me and said, ‘I love the way you sound, can you make me a mouthpiece?’” Now that he has the time, he will.


           “I believe I will be very active in the music profession as long as I’m physically able to do that and there’s definitely a desire to visit many places,” he said. “I’m free now and I’m going to really enjoy that. It’s time for this, to spread my wings, and also to visit and play with my children.


“I’m designing my life as the days go by.”


WHAT: ‘Master chamber music like a pro’

WHEN: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. March 8 2015

WHERE: Case Western Reserve University Harkness Chapel, 11200 Bellflower Road, Cleveland

TICKETS & INFO: $175 including lunch. Register by calling 216-368-2090



1 March 2015


University of Toronto


Ontario, Canada



4 March 2015



4 March 2015



5 - 8 March 2015


International Czech Clarinet Art clarinet competition

Clarinet Competition


Hořice, Czech Republic


The international clarinet competition Czech Clarinet Art is the first and only clarinet competition on an international level in the Czech Republic focused solely playing the clarinet. The first year which was held in April 2013 ranked among the major musical competitions in Europe thanks to the prizes, very high level of the participants and the repute and credibility of the international jury.

Czech clarinet players rank among the world and the competition has strong foundation as it relates to the tradition of the Czech clarinet playing and simultaneously support it. The international competition will also draw attention to the Czech Republic and increase the quality of local musicians. This will hopefully influence next generations of young interpreters (not only from Czech Republic) who are the focus group of the competition.

Czech Clarinet Art is intended for players of the following categories: under 12 years old, under 15 years old, under 20 years and under 30 years old. The competition will take place in the city Hořice for four days. All of the competition rounds will be public. The competition will finish with award ceremony including the closing concert of the winners accompanied by Filharmonic Orchestra of the Hradec Kralove.



5 - 8 March 2015


Groeningen, The Netherlands



Capriccio Clarinet Festival 2015

European Clarinet Assocation             Prins Claus Conservatorium

Thursday March 5 - Sunday March 8

Groningen, Holland 


2010 11 07 Kortrijk Elegy Uitsnede 01.jpg


Capriccio Clarinet Orchestra 25 Years is a good reason to have a big party with good friends and fellow clarinettists.


Good friends like Jozsef Balogh, Paolo de Gaspari, Matthias Mueller, Stephan Vermeersch, Céleste Zewald, Ronald van Spaendonck, Fie Schouten, Ron Daelemans and more will give masterclasses and play at the Capriccio 25 Year Concert Saturday March 7 in the wellknown Martini Church in Groningen.

And they perform with DJ's at the Capriccio Clarinet DJ Party Sunday March 8 in the EMG Faktors. To meet, to play, to party is the goal of the Capriccio Clarinet Festival 2015. Come and join us!


Thursday March 5

AE Zaal, Prins Claus Conservatorium 
20.00 hours Opening Concert

Friday March 6

Prins Claus Conservatorium
All day Masterclasses

18.00 - 21.00 Rehearsal Capriccio with soloists


Saturday March 7

11.00 - 13.00 Rehearsal

AE Zaal, Prins Claus Conservatorium

14.00 - 15.00 Teaser Concert

20.00 Concert in Martini Church in Groningen
kaartverkoop:  click here 

Sunday March 8
EMG Faktors
13.00 Rehearsals
15.00 Capriccio Clarinet DJ Party



6 March 2015

Master Classes at Vandoren Paris




7 March 2015 - 8 am



Chicago, Illinois



            Calling all woodwind players: we invite you to attend this performance class led by CSO Assistant Principal Clarinet, VIP John Bruce Yeh. All are welcome to participate in a technique lesson for the first portion of the class and then stay and listen as the artists works with individual students in a master class setting (Shirley Trissell, piano.)

           This event is free and open to the public.

           Please contact Jeremy at if you are interested in playing on the master class portion, or if for further information.



7 March 2015 -   9:45 -- 12:45 in Greenfield Hall 45 - 12:45 in the Greenfield Hall





Manhattan School of Music 3rd Mitchell Lurie Memorial Clarinet Master Class with VIP Jon Manasse, hosted by VIP Larry Guy


Dear Clarinetists,

Come to our Third Annual Mitchell Lurie Memorial Precollege Clarinet Master Class at Manhattan School of Music on Saturday, March 7th from 9:45 -- 12:45 in Greenfield Hall and hear the great Jon Manasse coach MSM precollege students in music by Bassi, Mozart, Gaubert, and Nielsen (as in the Concerto). This event is free, and will be a great learning experience45 - 12:45 in the Greenfield Hall and hear the great Jon Manasse coach MSM precollege students in music by Bassi, Mozart, Gaubert, and Nielsen (as in the Concerto). This event is free, and will be a great learning experience!and witness Jon Manasse, renowned soloist and teacher at the Juilliard School and the Eastman School of Music coaching several students playing a wide range of solo repertory including the Nielsen Clarinet Concerto


One of the most revered American Clarinetists,  Mr Lurie has been respected as one of the leading players and teachers as he has been in several Symphonies including Pittsburgh and Chicago Symphonies, and a leading Hollywood Studio musician being heard in several films over the last 35 years.  He was a Professor at major Universities in California including the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  He is a past student of Daniel Bonade when he was a student at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.  Many of his past students have been successful as performers and teachers, and Mr Lurie has always been proactive at Festivals doing Master Classes on the International scale. 


Played principal clarinet under Fritz Reiner in Pittsburgh and Chicago Symphonies,
soloist  with Los Angeles Symphony, and the premiere clarinetist
in the motion picture studios in Los Angeles for over 25 years.  Many
outstanding recordings, well-beloved teacher at University of Southern
California, many outstanding students who are now playing and teaching
all over the country.  Also produced Mitchell Lurie clarinet mouthpieces,
ligature, and reeds.

Certainly one of the very finest US players of the 20th century.  Pablo Casals called him "the ideal clarinetist".





7 March 2015


Iowa Clarinet Day with Dr Richard Faria - Professor at Ithaca College (New York)



For just one day … …some of the finest clarinetists in the country will come to perform, teach, and meet with musicians right here in Iowa. This is the perfect chance to hear some beautiful music, improve your playing, and get to know clarinetists from all over the region. What goes on? There will be master classes on how to improve your solo and ensemble performance, concerts by regionally- and nationally-known clarinetists, and a final performance by Richard Faria from Ithaca College. There will also be vendors including Vandoren and Buffet Crampon USA featuring their equipment for you to try out. Lots of exciting things for clarinetists of any level!


7 March 2015


Catholic University Single Reed Symposium - Dr Ben Redwine, Director


Washington, DC


Join Dr. Bob Beeson and Dr. Ben Redwine as the saxophone and clarinet studios join forces to present the CUA Single Reed Symposium 2015 on March 7th. Guest artists include Dr. Noah Getz from American University, Dr. Doug O'Connor from Towson, VIP Robert DiLutis from the University of Maryland, and Mr. Pedro Rubio from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Madrid, Spain. The day consists of informative master classes and performances culminating in an all-participant saxophone/clarinet choir concert. Leading music industry companies will also be on hand with impressive displays for equipment testing.

Register Today!

There is no cost for this event.


Schedule is below



8:00AM- Registration

8:30 AM- Welcome & clarinet/saxophone joint choir rehearsal

9:20 AM- Military audition class (taught by Bob Beeson and Ben Redwine)

10:15 AM- Saxophone class (taught by Dr. Noah Getz, professor of saxophone at American University)

10:15 AM- Clarinetists remain behind for clarinet choir rehearsal

11:10 AM- Clarinet class (taught by Mr. Robert DiLutis, professor of clarinet at Univ of Maryland)

11:10 AM- Saxophonists reconvene for saxophone choir rehearsal

12:00 PM- Lunch (vendors closed--lunch provided to vendors only)

12:30 PM- Vendors open

1:30 PM- Clarinet class (taught by Mr. Pedro Rubio, professor of clarinet Royal Madrid Conservatory of Music)

1:30 PM- Saxophonists meet for saxophone choir rehearsal

2:30 PM- Saxophone class (taught by Dr. Doug O'Connor, professor of saxophone at Towson University and US Naval Academy Band saxophonist)

2:30 PM- Clarinetists meet for clarinet choir rehearsal

3:30 PM- Joint clarinet/saxophone choir rehearsal

5:00 PM- Dinner Break

7:00 PM- Joint choir dress rehearsal

7:30 PM- Recital featuring Dr. Getz, Mr. DiLutis, Mr. Rubio, Dr. O'Connor, Dr. Beeson, Dr. Redwine, and choirs)

10:00 PM-Day concludes

Please note this schedule is subject to change.
All sessions, including the evening recital, will take place in the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (Ward) at The Catholic University of America.



8 March 2015


Chamber Music Day at Case Western University - Senior VIP Franklin Cohen on Faculty


Cleveland, Ohio







8 March 2015


VIP Robert DiLutis in Chamber Concert performing Schubert Octet Op 166


Riverdale Park, Maryland




9 March 2015


Northeastern Illinois University


Chicago, Illinois



Clarinet Fresh with Diana Haskell

              Chicago Clarinet Ensemble welcomes Diana Haskell, Associate Principal and Eb Clarinetist with the St. Louis Symphony.  Clarinet Fresh breaks away from CCE’s mainly large ensemble repertory to highlight the ensemble’s chamber commissions as well as newer works for the clarinet.

              Ms Haskell will premiere ”Dog Days” by Leo Schwartz, a work for clarinet, piano, and baritone which Haskell recently commissioned.   She will also perform Gregory Vadja’s “Lightshadow – Trembling” for unaccompanied clarinet. Chicago Clarinet Ensemble brings back  Eric Mandat’s sextet “Pursuits of Happiness” performed with John Bruce Yeh on Eb clarinet – a part which was specifically written with Yeh in mind – along with Diana Haskell on Bb clarinet, and members of CCE.   Other works on the program include “Let’s Snap” by Jun Yi Chow, commissioned and performed by the Novacane Clarinet Quartet, winners of the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble’s 2014 Clarinet Ensemble Competition.   Join us for this collaboration of clarinet artistry combined with the freshest possible clarinet compositions.

Diana Haskell, clarinet
John Bruce Yeh, clarinet
Kay Kim, piano
Robert Heitzinger, baritone
Chicago Clarinet Ensemble
Novacane Clarinet Quartet

MARCH 9, 2015 7:30PM
Northeastern Illinois University
Recital Hall

Tickets: $10 General Admission






9 - 10 March 2015


VIP Charles Neidich Master Classes at Milano Conservatory, Italy - VIP Luigi Magistrelli, Host



10 March 2015


California State University at Northridge - VIP Julia Heinen, Host



13 March 2015



14 March 2015



Delaware Clarinet Day with VIP Robert DiLutis - Dr  Christopher Nichols, Host



14 - 15 March 2015



16 March 2015


VIP Rocco Parisi, world renowned Bass Clarinetist - Recital at Buffet New York Showroom - 4 - 6 PM




16 - 20 March 2015


Santo Domingo




19 March 2015


Penn State Master Class with VIP Larry Guy, Dr Tony Costa, Host


State College, Pennsylvania


20 March 2015


Victoria Soames Samek - Bass Clarinet Soloist in London Premiere of Thea Musgrave 'Autumn Sonata'


Lewisham, United Kingdom







20 - 21 March 2015


Vandoren Clarinet Ensemble Festival - University of South Alabama at Mobile - Performing Organization Chairman Mitchell Estrin and VIP David Gould, Directors



20 - 21 March 2015

Weinfelden, Switzerland




21 March 2015


Rowan University Clarinet Day - Rie Suzuki, Director



21 March 2015


Eastern Kentucky Clarinet Festival - Dr Connie Rhoades, Director


23 - 24 March 2015


di Martino, France



26 - 27 March 2015


Buddy DeFranco Tribute Jazz Festival at University of Montana


Missoula, Montana




On March 26-27, 2015 The University of Montana will be holding the official Buddy DeFranco Tribute event in honor of the passing of one of the legends of the clarinet, Buddy DeFranco

            UM has is the home of the Buddy DeFranco Jazz Festival, which showcased Buddy and other jazz greats for 35 years. Eddie Daniels and other artists will pay tribute to Buddy in two days of concerts and a tribute ceremony. The International Clarinet Association membership is invited to attend.

            Buddy DeFranco (1923-2014), the innovative clarinetist who rose from the remains of the swing era to forge new and lasting prominence as the instrument's pre-eminent interpreter of bebop, died on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 in Panama City, Fla. He was 91.



For more information call Griztix at (406) 243.4581, visit or call Maxine Ramey at (406) 243-4518.


        "DeFranco, unbearably challenged by Charlie Parker, attacked be-bop head-on and mastered it," Whitney Balliett wrote in a New Yorker magazine profile in 1990. "He developed such fluency and invention and speed that he was considered the supreme jazz clarinetist. His work has never faltered, and he has kept the instrument alive in jazz simply by playing it so well."


         Mr. DeFranco's goal, he told the jazz writer Ted Panken in 1999, was putting his own stamp on whatever music he was playing "so that you become an original, so that people will say, when they hear your record: 'That's who it is. That's Bird. That's Art Tatum. That's Oscar Peterson. That's Buddy.' "


        He was named a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, the country's highest honor for jazz musicians, in 2006. But his quest to conquer the clarinet and its challenges never ceased.


        "You know, this is all tricky stuff," Mr. DeFranco told the jazz critic Howard Mandel. "Once I was doing some school clinics, and one of the great symphonic clarinet players, Daniel Bonade of the Philadelphia Orchestra, was doing another clinic in the same school. I used to pick the brains of as many clarinet players as I could, to see how they got their sound, what reeds they used, everything. So I went to hear his clinic, and at the end I sidled up and said, 'When do you finally master the clarinet?' And he said: 'Master the clarinet? That's the funniest thing I ever heard.'



28 March 2015





28 March 2015





28 March - 1 April 2015


Academia Iberia-Americaca Clarinet Festival 





28 March 2015


VIP Steven Cohen (Former Solo Clarinetist in the Louisiana Philharmonic and Professor at Northwestern University in Evansville, Illinois) Soloist with the Hendersonville Symphony performing Mozart Clarinet Concerto K622



28 March 2015


8th Troy University Clarinet Day  - VIP Timothy Phillips, Director





29 March 2015


University of Maryland Clarinet Day - VIP Robert DiLutis, Director, with VIP Mark Nuccio - Associate and Eb Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic


Hyattsville, Maryland






29 March 2015


VIP Charles Neidich conducts Juilliard Wind Orchestra


 Acclaimed faculty clarinetist Charles Neidich leads the school's newest ensemble, the Juilliard Wind Orchestra



STRAVINSKY Concertino (1952) for 12 Instruments

CARTER Wind Rose

STRAUSS Symphony for Winds in E-flat Major ("The Happy Workshop")




30 March 2015


Kennedy Center Terrace Theater - Washington, DC




30 March - 2 April 2015



3rd International Clarinet Competition - Lisbon, Portugal - complete information linked here



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