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                           WKA Website Directory

          This Directory Page is organized to assist everyone to reach the several Pages on this Resource site.  There are those who cannot access many of the pages due to Java Applet blockages and failures, and this page is a way to bypass this problem for some users who need this assistance.  Below by Category are the Major Page Directories with sub-pages that can be accessed on those pages as they are not Java buttoned.

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Useful tips to effectively navigate the WKA Resources throughout the website:


              This website is very comprehensive in content with over 170 pages to browse covering the resources listed below.  To take full advantage of these offerings, the following steps are recommended when pursuing this website:

              Because at this time the Home Page can take time to download its content due to high resolution quality photos, it's recommended to come to this page first as it will open immediately, saving time.  From here, click to any page and it will open quickly.  You can always open the home page by clicking the WKA Logo.  If you need to fix or make reeds, the Home Page will give you the time to fulfill that task.  Photos that are posted here are date intensive, with the most recent event on top by date, full size photos are for two months, and the Gallery photos below them the previous two months before to keep visitors informed on those events.  After that dating, the photos over four months are deleted. 

             The Headline Gallery Pages, organized by each calendar year, contain by month the Home Page Photos posted during that period.  The Hot News Summary for each month takes you to that month's Hot News Page which provides a complete history of what happened at that time.  Over a decade of detailed information with comprehensive and historical galleries are included. 

             WKA Newsletters, organized in six seasonal periods each year, preview upcoming events, workshops, and festivals, which makes it valuable for players and students to plan out attending important events.  These pages are indispensible for serious players.  Futuristic Pages inform as much as a year in advance so the involved can plan, especially competitions and intensive workshop events.  No other organization provides this service to members.  


WKA Introduction from Mike Getzin,  CEO

WKA News Pages :

Hot News Pages  -  Organized by Year with Each Month of that Year Listed on the Yearly Page

WKA Newsletter Pages - Organized by Year with each Month Listed

Headline Galleries Archives

In Memoriam Pages and Archives

Clarinet Premiere Pages

Clarinet Choir News Pages

Music Industry News Pages

Clarinet Resources including:

                 Clarinet and Music Resources

                 Clarinetists and Clarinet Teachers

Clarinet & Music Festivals including:






Stanley Drucker 60th Anniversary Commemoration with the New York Philharmonic

WKA Artist Recognitions  -  Artist VIP's

WKA Artist VIP Directory

Language Translation

Music Organization Listings including:

                               Clarinet Organizations

                               Professional Music and Educational Organizations

                               Health/Fitness Organizations

Performing Organization Listings including:

                               CLARINET ENSEMBLES INTERNATIONAL

                               COLLEGE/ UNIVERSITY CLARINET STUDIOS

                               ORCHESTRAL RESOURCE SITES

                               YOUTH ORCHESTRAS - INTERNATIONAL

                               MILITARY BAND RESOURCES

Clarinet Books and Methods New Publications

Music Recording & Archives including below:

                                               Clarinet Ensembles

                                  Chamber Music with Clarinet

                                  Clarinet Chamber Music Page 2                                 

                                  Clarinet Concertos

                                 Clarinet Concertos Page 2 

                                  Stanley Drucker Anthology

                                  New Music with Clarinet

                                  Jazz and Klezmer

 Music Competitions

Music Industry Category Pages including below:

                                              Music Industry Links

                                                                Clarinet Makers International

                                                                Clarinet Mouthpiece and Reed Products

                                                                Clarinet Accessories

                                                                 Arts and Technological - Sound Recording and Playback Equipment

                                                                 Computers and Music Software


                                              Music Publishers

                                              Music Recording Firms

                                              Music Sales Firms

WKA Alliance Partner Categories including below:

                                  WKA Individual Members

                                  WKA Alliance Partners

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                                  WKA Membership / Alliance Partners

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                                  WKA Performing Organization Partners

WKA Historical Overview

WKA Student Affairs

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