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Welcome to the WKA Home Page Photo 2008 Galleries, presented to showcase the many Clarinet events, Artists, and Teachers. Refer to the  News Pages for detailed information and Photo Galleries.  Presently, past photos that have been shown are being prepared for uploading and will be on Page very soon.

Headline Gallery 2008

New York Philharmonic Carter performers

Stanley Drucker and Lucy Shelton after Carter Premiere

R Viani Winner in Solo Performance

R Viani Contestants and Jury

                                  Wright Music Day with Stanley Drucker with Students

Donald Montanaro in Master Class

Composer Shulimat Ran

Udi Nave Clarinet Soloist in Ran World Premiere

December 2008 Monthly Summary

Donald Montanaro - Retired Associate Solo / Eb Clarinetist in the Philadelphia Orchestra and Professor at the Curtis Institute of Music -75th Year Celebration of his Legacy - 2 December 2008

Vandoren New York Holiday Party and Jazz VandoJam after Social event - 6 December 2008

Special Birthday Concert with the New York Philharmonic held 13 December 2008 with Mr Carter present with Special Film about his perspectives, concepts, and experiences with a World Premiere of a new work Poems of Louis Zukofsky for soprano and clarinet.  The first world premiere of his music following his 100th Birthday and performance of his Clarinet Quintet

R Viani International Clarinet Competition held 13 - 14 December in Carpi (Modena) Italy

Special 'Meet and Greet' Meeting for Clarinetists and Students at Wright Music in Port Washington, Long Island, New York with Stanley and Naomi Drucker held 14 December 2008

Clarinet Days 08 at the University of Tel Aviv School of Music in Israel held 24 - 28 December 2008,  Sarah Elbaz, Director

International Festival het SWIK in Groningen,  Holland held from 28 - 30  December 2008,  John Beer - Cappricio Clarinet Choir, Director

Verdehr Trio with Composer Rick Sowash

Mitchell Lurie - In Memoriam

November 2008 Monthly Summary

Rutgers University Woodwind Day - 9 November 2008 - Trenton, New Jersey - Dr Maureen Hurd, Director

Verdehr Trio (Violin, Clarinet and Piano) performs Double World Premieres at Phillips Collection Concert Series in Washington DC - 16 November 2008

Elliott Carter - The First Hundred Years - Concert in Honor Commemoration with The New York Woodwind Quintet of his Wind Music performed at Merkin Hall in New York 23 November 2008

Mitchell Lurie  -  In Memoriam -  24 November 2008

Mercandante Competition Jury

Mercandante winners

Clarinettissimo Faculty

Caroline Hartig and Justin O'Dell

October 2008 Monthly Summary

Boston Conservatory Clarinet Day,  Michael Norsworthy, Director, 5 October 2008

Sabine Meyer, World foremost German Klarinettist on Tour with the Tokyo String Quartet (Brahms Clarinet Quintet Op 115)with 2 Concerts held at University of Michigan at Rackham Auditorium in Ann Arbor 12 October, and the day before at Dalton Hall at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo on 11 October 2008

Clarinettissimo - University of Washington, 12 October 2008 - Sean Osborn, Director

4th Annual Vandoren Clarinet Choir Festival - Northeastern Illinois University - 18 - 19 October 2008

 Mercandante International Clarinet Competition - Bari, Italy - 16 - 19 2008 - Antonio Tinelli, Director

Michigan State University Clarinet Extravaganza - 25 October 2008 - Dr Caroline Hartig, Director

Stanley Drucker

Richard Nunemaker and Bob Stevenson in Radio Interview

Prague Trio with Period Instruments

Trio in Performance

Iowa Clarinet Day with Guest Artist Jon Cohler from Boston University in Performance and Master Classes

Annapolis Clarinet Day - Ben Redwine, Director

Wettbewerbsgewinner und Sebastian Manz

Sebastian Manz from Germany was awarded both a first prize and the audience prize. Shelly Ezra, Israel, and Taira Kaneko, Israel, got a third prize

September 2008 Monthly Summary

Stanley Drucker 60th Anniversary Year Commemoration with the New York Philharmonic

Richard Nunemaker, Bass Clarinetist in Houston Symphony, in Interview regarding his Retirement from the Orchestra with Bob Stevenson of KUHF Houston 1 September 2008

Iowa Clarinet Day 2008 -   Central College and Drake University - Cynthia Doggett, Director, 6 September 2008

Performances, Master Classes and Instrument Lectures held at the Prague Conservatory and Atrium, Czech Republic   -  10 - 11 September 2008  with Jiri Krejci and Petr Hejny on the early clarinet   (Wanhal-Zach-Lefevre-Sciroli and Beethoven) with Luigi Magistrelli (Professor of Clarinete at the Milan Conservatory in Italy) and Lecture about the the Reform Boehm system Clarinete     

57th ARD International Music Competition 2008 - Munich, Germany, concluded 13 September 2008

6th Annual Annapolis Clarinet Day, Ben Redwine, Director - 27 September  2008  - Edgewater, Maryland

Artist Faculty Collage 2008 copy 3.jpg

               Quarteto Vintage Workshop with Concerts & Master Classes

Clarinet & Klezmer in the Galillee Music Festival with Giora Feidman -  with Soloist Philippe Cuper

August 2008 Monthly Summary

Quarteto Vintage (Portugal)  Workshop with Master Classes and Concerts in Banco, Portugal 30 July - 1 August 2008

Buffet-Crampon Summer Clarinet Academy -  University of Northern Florida - 4 - 9 August 2008

Clarinet & Klezmer in the Galillee Music Festival with Giora Feidman -  11 -18 August, 2008 - Safed, Israel 

USMA Band Clarinet Section with NY Philharmonic Section

Branwell Tovey, NY Philharmonic Conductor


ClarinetFest at University of Missouri at Kansas City Performing facilities and Major Performances including Concerto Concert and Jazz Finale

Clarinet Quartet, University of Florida Clarinet Ensemble, Clarinet Quintets performed by Luis Rossi and Gregory Raden

The US Army Band Alumni Activities and Concert held in Arlington Virginia

Capriccio Clarinet Orchestra on Tour in Spain, and Clarinet Summer School Group in Liverpool, UK

July 2008 Monthly Summary

Bradwell Tovey, Conductor of the New York Philharmonic Summertime Classics and Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Holtan and the United States Military Academy Band from West Point together Performing at Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center in New York 3 - 4 July 2008

ClarinetFest 2008 held at the University of Missouri at Kansas City 2 - 6 July, Dr Jane Carl, Director in Collaboration with the International Clarinet Association

The United States Army Band (Pershing's Own) 6th Annual Alumni Reunion and Concert held 10 - 11 July 2008 with Major Concert conducted by Commander Colonel Thomas Rotondi Jr, Colonel Gary Lamb (Ret), Lieutenant Colonel John Clanton (Ret), Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Mitchell, (Ret), and Lieutenant Colonel David Detrick (Ret).

The Capriccio Clarinet Orchestra from The Netherlands tour to Spain from July 3 - 13, Conducted by John de Beer.   They were invited by the ChamberArt Music Festival in Madrid. A total of six concerts with three concerts in the Royal Palaces of Aranjuez, La Granja and Segovia.

Clarinet Summer School  -   Liverpool Hope University College - Andrew Roberts, Director

Catlatt Music Center

Buddy DeFranco Jazz

Oklahoma Symposium Faculty

Charles Neidich and Dr Etheridge

Eddy Vanoosthyse As Soloist

Claremont Clarinet Festival

To Play is to Blow...To Blow is to Play Workshop in Houston, Texas

USMA Band Reunion with LTC Holtan, Dr Charles Atkinson, Mike Getzin, and Saxophone Soloist Brian Sparks

June 2008 Monthly Summary

Oklahoma University 33rd Clarinet Symposium -  5 - 7 June 2008, Dr David Etheridge, Director

3rd Annual Summer Clarinet Workshop and Claremont Clarinet Festival
June 9-15, 2008 at Pomona College, California - Margaret Thornhill, Director

Clarinet and Saxophone Workshop 'To Play is to Blow...To Blow is to Play' of Students of Richard Nunemaker, Bass Clarinetist in the Houston Symphony held 10 - 15 June 2008 at the College of St Thomas in Houston, Texas

29th Alumni Weekend Reunion with The United States Military Academy Band at West Point held 21 - 22 June 2008

De Croes Clarinet Concerto Premiere, Belgium

D Stanley Hasty with James Pyne, Several former Student Artist Faculty and Zoe and Jack Johnstone, and Student in Master Class

Chicago Clarinet Ensemble Performing at Northeast Illinois University;  Phillippe Cuper at Northwestern University

Cristo Barrios Soler Clarinet Quintet Premiere

Messiean Quartet

CUBE Contemporary 20th Anniversary Concert with World Premieres

Celebration of Naomi Drucker's 60th Anniversary Reunion in Massapequa, New York


May 2008 Monthly Summary


Johnstone Woodwind Master Series Clarinet Festival - Honoring D Stanley Hasty -  Ohio State University - 30 April - 3 May 2008,  James Pyne, Director

Chicago Clarinet Ensemble Performing Major Concert at Northeastern Illinois University conducted by John Bruce Yeh, Associate Solo Clarinetist in the Chicago Symphony, with Soloists Lawrie Bloom, Bass Clarinetist in the Chicago Symphony, and Charlene Zimmerman, Solo Clarinetist in the Chicago Lyric Opera held 5 May 2008;  Rose Sperrazza, Artistic Director

Phillippe Cuper, Solo Clarinetist in the Paris Opera in Residency with Internet Stream Master Class and Performance at Northwestern University 6 May 2008,  Professor Steve Cohen, Director

World Premiere of Newly discovered Clarinet Concerto by Henri Joseph De Croes (1790) (Brussels 1785- Regensburg 1842) performed by Vlad Weverberg  with the Orchestra Collegium Instrumentale Brugense, Ivan Meylemans conductor in Belgium Performed 11 May 2008

Groovin' High, Groovin' Low May 11, 2008 CUBE Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Ganz Hall, Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois featuring the world premiere of Jody Rockmaker's Bottom Dog for two bass clarinets and contra bass clarinet. Lawrie Bloom (Chicago Symphony) and Richard Nunemaker  (Houston Symphony) also perform the Chicago premiere of Meira Warshauer's Shevet Achim for two bass clarinets

Cristo Barrios performs with the Arditti String Quartet. in the World premiere of Blai Soler's "Clarinet Quintet"  and performs in the Olivier Messiean Anniversary Festival, Performances 19 and 20 May 2008 in Spain and Portugal

60th Anniversary Reunion honoring Naomi Drucker, Professor at Hofstra University and Co-Director of the American Chamber Ensemble,  with former Students held 25 May in Massapequa, New York

Millersville University Faculty Ensemble

Workshop Faculty

Ronald Caravan Master Class

Kridto Competition Winners

Kristo Competition Jury

Troy Clarinet Choir

Katrina and Timothy Phillips, Director

Clarinet Exhibit

Mark Nuccio in Greensboro UNC Clarinet Day

Nuccio and Student coaching

Stockholm Summit Clarinet Ensemble

Stevennson Master Class

Harg Recital

Rebecca Doggett, Winner of Harold Wright Merit Competition

Sowash Clarinet Concerto Premiere

Nathan Williams and Kimberley Cole Luevano in Duo performance

Guest Recital soloists

Meridian Display and repair services

Composer Todd Goodman

Goodman Bass Clarinet Concerto score

The youngest University Professor on world record, Alia Sabur also as a Clarinet Prodigy associated with Mark Nuccio, David Weber, and Ricardo Morales.  Appeared on the MSNBC Today Show 23 April 2008 in New York

Ohio Clarinet Gala with Guest Artist Kristina Belisle and Master Classes and Clarinet Choir Reading Session

Elliott Carter Clarinet Quintet Premiere at Juilliard School

Mike Lomax Master Classes in Pesaro, Italy

April 2008 Monthly Summary

Millersville University of Pennsylvania 3rd Annual Single Reed Symposium 3 - 4 April 2008  -  Dr Christy Banks, Director

1st International Clarinet Competition -    Krško - Slovenia   -  4th - 6th April 2008

University of North Carolina at Greensboro Clarinet Day with Mark Nuccio, Associate Solo Clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic held 5 April 2008  

Troy University Clarinet Day (Alabama),  Timothy Phillips, Director held 5 April 2008

Stockholm Clarinet Summit -  Sweden - 6 April 2008 - Stefan Harg, Director

World Premiere of Rick Sowash  Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra, recorded live at Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 12th, 2008. Clermont Philharmonic Orchestra, Jamie Morales Matos conducting, Angelo Santoro, clarinetist

Eastern Michigan University Clarinet Day, Dr Kimberley Cole Luevano, Director - 12 April 2008

Harold Wright Merit Clarinet Competition - Rebecca Doggett, 2008 Winner - Boston 13 April 2008

Major Master Class and Reed/Mouthpiece Seminar by Michael Lomax hosted by Sergio Bosi, Professor of Clarinete at the G Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, Italy held 16 - 18 April 2008

World Premiere Performance of Todd Goodman  Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra performed by Calvin Falwell and the Beaver Valley Philharmonic in Midland, Pennsylvania conducted by Bruce Lauffer   17 April 2008

The youngest University Professor on world record is Alia Sabur (USA, b. 22 February 1989).  She was appointed as a full-time faculty Professor at Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea as Research Liaison  (with Stony Brook New York, USA) with effect from 19 February 2009, the youngest on record in the Guiness World Book of Records.  Graduated from Drexel University, with an M.S. and a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering. At Konkuk University, Sabur said she will take part in classroom instruction, but will also focus on research into developing nanotubes for use as cellular probes that could help aid in cures for diseases. Recognition presented on the MSNBC Today Show 23 April 2008


Ohio University Clarinet Gala - 27 April 2007, Dr Rebecca Rischen, Director

World Premiere of Elliott Carter Clarinet Quintet with Charles Neidich and the Juilliard String Quartet at the  Peter Jay Sharp Theater at the Juilliard School in New York performed 29 April 2008

UAB Groups and Faculty

Alabama Sextet

Richard MacDowell, Denise Gainey, Diane Barger

Clarinet Quartet

Low Clarinet Quartet

Dr Gary Whitman BCl Master Class

Clarinet Choir Participants

                     Kansas University Clarinet Festival

Andy Firth Concert Notice at Weill Recital Hall

Firth, Mike Getzin and Buddy DeFranco

American Chamber Ensemble

American Chamber Ensemble bow

Bowling Green Clarinet Conference

Clarinet Faculty at Conference

Eban and Schempf Mendellsohn Performance

ClariFest Clarinet Choir

Williams Master Class

Nathan Williams and Dr Diane Barger

March 2008 Monthly Summary

University of Alabama (UAB) Department of Music Presents the 6th Annual UAB Clarinet Retreat,  Dr Denise Gainey, Director - 1 - 2 March 2008

Texas A & M University Clarinet Day - 8 March 2008, Dr Mary Druhan, Director

University of Kansas Clarinet Festival Faculty and Director Dr Stephanie Zelnick -  9 March 2008

'Goodman and Beyond' Jazz Concert Spectacular with Australian Jazz Clarinet Great Andy Firth with Guest Great Buddy DeFranco performed 21 March 2008

American Chamber Ensemble performing 10th Anniversary Concert at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York 22 March 2008 commemorating Music of Long Island Composers premiered and performed during this period. Naomi Drucker and Blanche Abrams, Directors

Midwest ClariFest - University of Nebraska -  28 March 2008, Dr Diane Barger, Director,  Dr Nathan Williams, Guest Artist

Bowling Green State University  Clarinet Conference, Kevin Schempf, Director held 29 March 2008

Artist faculty Schwartz, Verdehr, Sanders, and Andrus

Verdehr Beethoven Trio Master Class

Raphael Sanders Group Class

Festival Clarinet Choir

February 2008 Monthly Summary

Bethlehem Clarinet Fest at Moravian College in Pennsylvania held 18 February 2008 - Dr Deborah Andrus, Director 

Effortless Ensemble from Houston, Texas

Welsh Clarinet Convention Choir

Colleague and Director Leslie Craven

Faculty Sextet in Performance

January 2008 Monthly Summary

The Effortless Clarinet/Saxophone Recital on January 14, 2008, at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Richard Nunemaker, Bass Clarinetist in Houston Symphony, Director

The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama Clarinet Convention - Leslie Craven, Director, held 27 January 2008 in Cardiff, United Kingdom

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